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All the Muscle, Minus the Meat :: Vegan Protein Blend

I have tried so many vegan protein blends, and finally realized- to get exactly what I want, I must create it.

((Try to find a vegan protein without Sucralose, Dextrose or Stevia – it just is not out there))

If you read my post about Favorite brands, you might have an idea where my go-to place was to find all the clean ingredients to make my Vegan Protein.

((Disclaimer- I am not a certified nutritionist. I do not measure anything, and do not have calculated nutrition facts))

It may seem like a lot of ingredients, but I pack my morning smoothie with tons of nutrients to keep me full until lunch time.

1 Full bag of Anthony’s Premium Pea Protein (Gluten free, Unflavored, Vegan)

½ bag of Anthony’s Organic Superfood Smoothie Mix (Chocolate, Gluten Free)

¼ bag of Red Reishi Mushroom Powder (4:1 extract, Gluten Free, Non GMO)

¼ bag of Organic Baobab Fruit Powder (Non GMO, Gluten Free)

½ bag of Anthony’s Organic Turmeric Creamer (with superfoods & MCT’s, Keto Friendly)

¼ bag of Anthony’s Premium Date Sugar

I add all the ingredients right into the big bag of Pea Protein, and whisk. Seriously, I have tried adding to a bowl to mix the ingredients, and it just makes a big ol’ mess. Keeping in the bag contains it, then I scoop out and add to my cute little glass jar and keep it right on the counter.

I use 1 scoop a day – which is roughly 2 Tablespoons in my morning smoothie routine – Coffee Date Smoothie, if I for some strange reason do not have it for breakfast, I think about it until I can finally make it.

There are so many variations to the Coffee Date Smoothie, but it must have:

  • Coffee

  • Oat or Coconut milk

  • Steeped dates

  • Frozen banana

If I am lucky, it also includes:

  • Frozen riced cauliflower

  • And/or Almond butter

  • Seasonally it may have Pumpkin, or nondairy Holiday Nog (My favorite time of year is when the Faux Nog hits the shelf)


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