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All the Muscle, Minus the Meat :: Vegan Protein Blend

I have tried so many vegan protein blends, and finally realized- to get exactly what I want, I must create it.

((Try to find a vegan protein without Sucralose, Dextrose or Stevia – it just is not out there))

If you read my post about Favorite brands, you might have an idea where my go-to place was to find all the clean ingredients to make my Vegan Protein.

Anthony’s Goods

((Disclaimer- I am not a certified nutritionist. I do not measure anything, and do not have calculated nutrition facts))

It may seem like a lot of ingredients, but I pack my morning smoothie with tons of nutrients to keep me full until lunch time.

1 Full bag of Anthony’s Premium Pea Protein (Gluten free, Unflavored, Vegan)

½ bag of Anthony’s Organic Superfood Smoothie Mix (Chocolate, Gluten Free)

¼ bag of Red Reishi Mushroom Powder (4:1 extract, Gluten Free, Non GMO)

¼ bag of Organic Baobab Fruit Powder (Non GMO, Gluten Free)

½ bag of Anthony’s Organic Turmeric Creamer (with superfoods & MCT’s, Keto Friendly)

¼ bag of Anthony’s Premium Date Sugar

I add all the ingredients right into the big bag of Pea Protein, and whisk. Seriously, I have tried adding to a bowl to mix the ingredients, and it just makes a big ol’ mess. Keeping in the bag contains it, then I scoop out and add to my cute little glass jar and keep it right on the counter.

I use 1 scoop a day – which is roughly 2 Tablespoons in my morning smoothie routine – Coffee Date Smoothie, if I for some strange reason do not have it for breakfast, I think about it until I can finally make it.

There are so many variations to the Coffee Date Smoothie, but it must have:

  • Coffee

  • Oat or Coconut milk

  • Steeped dates

  • Frozen banana

If I am lucky, it also includes:

  • Frozen riced cauliflower

  • And/or Almond butter

  • Seasonally it may have Pumpkin, or nondairy Holiday Nog (My favorite time of year is when the Faux Nog hits the shelf)

Check out my original Smoothie Post to find more Inspiration


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