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Sunday Brunchin'

My taste for breakfast foods change with the seasons. Anyone else feel that way? I can not eat runny eggs in the summertime, however I looooove them as soon as there is a slight chill in the air.

I also go through phases of cooking breakfast. Sometimes the task seems so daunting. So many pans and dishes so early in the morning. But one of the greatest things about kids, they have tiny hands to do all those dishes.

Snagged some Jitter's Coffee ((You know so the hubs could splurge on real cream and white sugar on a Sunday ))

And paired it with simple egg sandwiches on whole grain English muffins. Sausage, egg, sautéed onion and American cheese. ((Added bacon for the hubs, and maybe a few pieces for the dog))

  • Handy bacon cooking tip – lined a sheet pan with foil, lay out bacon and put into a cold oven. Turn to 425 – bake for about 15 minutes. Pull the sheet out periodically and drain the fat so it gets crispier and it is not boiling in its own fat.

I used that drained fat to cook our eggs in- and add only pepper, the bacon fat is salty enough


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