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Chopping Vegetables

A Pinch About Kate

I am a wife, mom and culinary enthusiast - willing to give any recipe a try, once.  I have a passion for finding ways to lighten up old comfort food classics, using wholesome, natural ingredients.  I have spent over half my life in the restaurant and food service industry in Rhode Island. I obtained my ServSafe certification through RI Community Food Bank, (and have kept my certifications up to date) I also have a Kids Nutrition Specialist through NESTA, and am a Poliquin Certified Personal Trainer. I have recently started a branch to my wellness business helping others find the best supplemental nutrition to find their best overall wellness.

Any questions on what supplements to start including into your diet, how to make and plan menus for your family, recipe or ingredient questions, personal chef inquires, or even if you need an in-home workout – to start feeling more yourself again, I'd be more than happy to assist.

Homemade Hummus

Kate recently catered a cocktail party at my home for 24 guests. I must say that what she did was beyond my expectations!  She listened to what I wanted, but also made suggestions of additional food items and ideas for presentation. My guests were impressed with all of it!  The food items included lobster salad croissants, roast beef sliders, cocktail meatballs, chicken satay, scallops wrapped in bacon, and several other delicious treats! It was all delicious and the presentation was beautiful!


If you need a caterer for a cocktail party, shower, graduation party, or any other event, you will not be disappointed with her!


Kate has done two bridal brunch showers for me, at my home. She's a joy to work with, and  every dish she makes, is absolutely incredible! She's an amazing cook, and her presentation is done in the most beautiful manner. She thinks of every little detail, to make it stand out, and look incredible! Besides coming up with a creative, and delicious menu, she also made the most amazing, and very pretty drinks, to serve as well. I'm looking for another reason to host something, just so I can have Kate come back and do this again! 


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