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A Few Of My Favorite Things...

I want to share some of my all-time favorite, go-to brands. Beyond my Aldi's and Trader Joe's shopping...

Number One favorite brand that I have found on my cleaner living journey; use it every single day in so many ways - doTERRA. I started my oily journey almost three years ago yet seems like they have been in my life so much longer. Ever since the start of quarantine I have made it part of my morning ritual to fill each diffuser. I love having my little pick smells according to her mood. Yes, she has also really taken to the amazing benefits of Essential Oils. If she has a belly ache she runs for Tamer. Needs to focus for a zoom meeting, or piano lesson; she grabs Thinker. Falls on her elbow after the dog barrels into her, Rescuer ((This has also become one of my favorite smells, I try to recreate it in the diffuser- spearmint, copaiba, and Lavender – yumm)). Steady is not only great for calming any nerves or anxious feelings but is outstanding for skin irritations or bug bites.

I take my doTERRA supplements every day. Prior to their supps, I used to us Poliquin brand. They are clean and great too, (I worked inside the cafe at the headquarters for years before they moved) However I switched because of the cost; Being a doTERRA Wellness advocate, I get a percentage of my money back in points, which you can use on almost anything. I found it more cost effective to order through them and rack up points to earn some free oils. Besides oils, and supplements; I use the OnGuard Toothpaste, Balance Natural Deodorant, Cleaning Concentrate (great for washing all of your fruits and veggies in the sink), Room Spray (grab a pack of their purple spray reusable bottles, they are awesome; switch up the scent by season. and none of those chemicals found in the name brand room spray)

If you are interested in finding out how to switch over some of those chemicals to a cleaner, more natural product – ask me how! Remember, start small. Choose one thing that you are looking to change- is it a cleaning product revamp? Or maybe you want to start to include supplements in your day to day ((Everyone should take them! 30 day- money back guarantee with doTERRA if you do not feel a difference )). There is no wrong way to start here, it may be intimidating but if you sign up with doTERRA , I will give a complimentary (Face time or zoom if need be) meeting on your welcome box, how to get started, and answer and questions that you have. Check here for more information.

New Found favorite brand – Anthony's Goods. They have a ton of reasonably priced organic products that are great for a stocked pantry. I love their price point, quality and quantity ((so convenient to get a larger Resealable bag when preparing almost every meal)). Their quinoa comes rinsed ((if you know, you know)). My anti-quinoa lover was even impressed when she saw the bag. Hilarious because she hates it, and she rarely Hates a food. But she was ecstatic when she saw it. Five pounds, and rinsed – That is going to save so much time." I do not think there are enough praises I can give to Anthony's Goods. All of their products are super clean and, most are organic. ((I found them on Amazon Prime, double win- Free Shipping!))

My always stocked, go – too products:

Organic White Quinoa- Five pounds and rinsed – who needs any other reasons.

Organic Coconut milk powder- great to add to smoothies, or baking. Even add water and make your own coconut milk- so much less space for storage

Unflavored Pea Protein- I used to buy Trader Joe's Vanilla Pea Protein ( sweetened with coconut milk) they were out right before the pandemic started and I have not made it that way; so I started creating my own blend using my favorite products; mixing it all together, and keeping it in a cute jar right next to my blender

Organic Red Reishi Powder

Premium Date Sugar

Organic Coconut Sugar

Organic Coconut Flour

Literati has been another Quarantine find. Before these weird times, we spent a lot of our time in the library. That obviously changed and I am so happy to have found this amazing company. Each month they send a box of five books. You have one week to decide whether you want to keep them or return them. After your week is up you place the books you want to send back, right into that teal box. Slap that return label on and you are good to go. Hadley loves their selection of books. Every month they also send adorable personalized book stickers, some beautiful artwork, and other fun surprises, that you keep regardless of your decision to keep the books or not. July's theme was Friends Forever; including stories of friendship (Animals and humans), and they included a set of friendship bracelets. How adorable . Another reason I love literati is for their doodle books, or workbooks they send. Stunning graphics, hilarious cartoons, and National Park facts, just to mention a few. H loves to draw and write so these are the keepers in our house.

I started DSC for my husband as a gift one year, just for razors. I ended up ordering a second razor handle for me to use as well. Over the years they have expanded their product list. What started with razors has turned into a shower full of DSC products. I love their Prep Scrub it is a tingly exfoliation scrub that is totally refreshing. The lavender and Amber body wash is my favorite man smell. Let’s be honest ladies; you want, to want your mans’ smell. Does that make since? When snuggling on the couch I like to get my nose right up in that armpit. Hahaha TMI? But really, I love to smell my hubs. If the man in your life needs a little refresh on his grooming products Try DSC today by clicking here::

This company is right up there with doTERRA. Delivery is two days, and their customer service is top notch. We moved shortly after the new year, and my wolf dog was growing at an astronomical rate. I ordered her a new giant crate to be delivered to the new house. Changed my shipping and bam it was at the door. Fast forward, we are all settled into the house and my regular six-week shipment is coming. Then I get notification that it was delivered. I literally walked around my house three times trying to figure out if the delivery man left it somewhere other than the front step. Nowhere. I was so confused. I call customer service, and someone picks up right away. Find out, I changed my address as a one time shipment for that crate, but it did not transfer over to my Auto-Ship. Nice customer service man reorders my whole shipment for free, and it is at my door the next day. One more awesome customer service praise. Our vet wanted us to switch dog foods at one point; when we did, Ebo got a rash. Chewy refunded us for the bag of food she had a reaction to, then told us to donate the almost full bag to a shelter. We also get handwritten birthday and holiday cards from them. So much love for Chewy.

I signed up with MM over a year ago. They are another company with outstanding Customer Service. Misfits ships organic produce right to your door for way less than grocery store prices. The variety is always on point and the option to customize is helpful. Recently they started to offer marketplace items, which is fun to see what they have each week. The Partake Cookies have been my absolute favorite. They are free of the top 8 Allergens (No soy, dairy, eggs, gluten, nuts, sesame, fish, shellfish (and Sulfate)) Yet taste like nothing is missing. My favorite cookies so far have been the triple chocolate chewy, and the crunchy birthday cake.

The best day of the week is delivery day, H helps me unload the box. We wash the entire haul in the sink with OnGuard Concentrate, let dry and then usually start some kind of food prep. Last week we had some super ripe mangos, we cut them, blended and froze in silicone molds for an easy smoothie starter. The dog also got a special batch of Mango Banana Peanut Butter nice cream. Blend together and put in freezer safe container – so much cheaper than dog ice cream at the grocery store (And better for them too!). We trim up the vegetables and throw any ends or scraps into a freezer bag for a quick stock (We will make that later in the InstaPot!). Misfits is a great way to get picky eaters to try new foods. Have them help in the process, let them taste new fruits or veggies they have never had before.

10/10 highly recommended.

If you want fresh organic produce delivered right to your door, try code COOKWME-HM7AJW

((MM is does not deliver everywhere, and not every customer gets the option to customize))

And lastly but not least – for all my picture printing needs – Shutterfly. I have made countless books for H, and my husband – as well as culinary books for myself showcasing different foods I have made. Every year I make a calendar (which I did not do this year – ran out of time before the new year – maybe that’s why 2020 went to such shit haha – just kidding)). They are a great space to store your photos, as well as print holiday cards ((and so much more))!

Whew, that was a lot. Hope you are still with me. With the world the way it is right now; I sure do not mind having top notch products delivered right to my door. Convenience is key; but having brands I can trust in my home is also important. If you have any questions on any of my top – strait to your door- delivery brands, send me a message! I would love to help you get started today. Whether its cooking, cleaning, self-care or animals – no question too small.

Thanks for reading,

Krunchy Kate

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