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All-Time Go-To Kitchen Tools

Like any other service professional or passionate enthusiast, your work is dependent and most productive based on the tools you use! Check out what's in my tool belt...


Umm I could use this bad boy, every single day. Some days I use it multiple times- it is great for so many amazing things. From hard boiled eggs to Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, rice, quinoa, pulled pork, chicken or vegetable stock – the list is endless. Oh, and I make our wolf dog her food in the IP. I will do a whole post on that later; I try to keep my family healthy by the food we put into our bodies, of course I am going to cook nutritious meals for my four-legged fur baby. H is the first to test the batch of food when it comes out of the insta, it is always kid and dog approved (And she is the toughest critic of the bunch)

In all seriousness, the Instapot changed the way I prepare food. I am able to put a full meal on the table, in less time. Either cooking a side dish or the main dish in the IP, which frees up time for the rest of dinner.


I have three, in different sizes. I use them for so many recipes. These are especially useful; because you can start on the stove top, and transfer to the oven- or throw them right on the grill. Not only for savory dishes. I have used them many times for desserts; apple crisp, blondies, brownies with nice crispy edges mmmm.


I love my blender. She is like the little engine who could. It takes about 10 minutes of solid blending time for there not to be any chunks, but she’s reliable. I use her at least once a day for my Coffee Date Smoothie. I used to use it for so much more; but that Immersion blender does the trick for soups, dips, sauces, salsa, anything you can imagine.


This thing is so dang handy. I use it often to make oat flour from Bobs Red Mill gluten free oats. Just be aware of the container you are blending in (flying oats, be aware). For oats I use a tall narrow measuring cup, or the base of a French press (those are useful for way more than coffee). Possibilities are endless for the IB. I often steep dates in a coffee mug with just enough water to cover the dates. Let sit for 10-15 minutes or get sidetracked and come back in 45. Then all you need to do is blend; you will have a sweet paste that has so many uses. Smoothies, sauces, spread on a flat bread with some pears and goat cheese, yumm! I often bake with date paste as a sugar substitute. (fun fact: I do not own white sugar)


There is no need to get super fancy here, I found one for under ten dollars at Aldi over a year ago. It does not have multiple blades, or extra pieces. One flat blade, with three height settings, for under ten dollars, and I use it All The Time. I love a good shaved salad. No lettuce just thin slices of jicama, cucumber, celery, onions, fennel and apples with a good fresh honey dijon vinaigrette. Yumm one of my all-time favorite salads and I slice everything right on that one blade.


Okay, this is not a necessity; but once you use one, it's hard not to. Especially helpful when you have little helping hands. Less mess ends up on the floor ;)

A good wooden spoon, and some sharp Knives are also key- But, the number one tool in the kitchen, are always your hands :) never be afraid to get a little messy.

Happy Cooking!

Krunchy Kate

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