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Greek Yogurt or Vanilla Mousse?

Every night during dinner, H gives me a rating. Sometimes she breaks down each part of dinner, if she really favors one thing over another. I asked her to give her honest opinion on the Ellenos yogurt.

She gave them a solid 7

A 7 on Vanilla Greek yogurt? I think that is a fabulous rating for doing nothing other than opening the lid. Sometimes I spend hours in the kitchen on a meal to get a measly six. So, kudos to you Ellenos for winning the heart of a hard to please 8-year-old.

With it's mousse like texture and full on vanilla bean flavor I can totally agree with her reasoning. Now that 7 rating is without any topping on the yogurt. Add chocolate granola and dark chocolate chips, that seven bumps up to a solid Eight.

I have hopes and dreams of adding the blueberry yogurt to a banana bread real soon. Stay tuned


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