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Pizza Product Review

We love a pizza night in our house; so when a local mamma asked if we wanted to try American Flatbread , of course I said yes!

Hadley wanted to try the Pepperoni & Bacon, which she picked out one day with the hubs. Then on the way home from Girl Scouts one night, equipped with our coupons ((I love a good deal)) we headed straight to the freezer isle, no detours. We probably stood in front of that cooler for a good fifteen-minutes debating which two pizzas we should take home.

I wanted to try the gluten free pesto – but H protested and said plain cheese. Being dairy free; I was intrigued by the Vegan Harvest. And to be completely honest; I was not sure if I liked it when I first cooked the pizza, however when we reheated it for lunch, I liked it better- weird.

I love a good thin crust pizza, and for frozen, this did not disappoint. Dinner ready in under fifteen minutes is perfect for those crazy busy days and extracurricular nights. I taught Hadley’s tiny troop early that evening about healthy snacking and made three different snacks with the girls. I knew H would not be too hungry for dinner. Three thin crust pizzas hit the spot. I am not a bacon fan at all, and rarely eat pepperoni ((Except on Italian Grinders)) so I was super surprised when this was my favorite.

Next time I see a sale on American Flatbread, I will grab the Mushroom and caramelized onion! For frozen pizza, they were pretty good. I am a thin crust lover so they definitely have my vote. To be completely honest, I would not personally pay full price for the pizza. Without a coupon or being on sale these small pies were $9.99. However, when we went they were on sale for $6.99, for that price I would definitely shop American Flatbread again!

Thank for letting me try your product!!

Life is too short to eat crusts, unless you're into that, Crust On!

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