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Kids Charcuterie Board

Elevate your lunch to these awesome snack boards - Kid Charcuterie Board

Most days for lunch we just snack. I feed H a normal breakfast before she makes the trek to her office for Distance Learning. Then, it is usually snacking until dinner. Sometimes we go all out and make ourselves a fancy lunch like Fall Flatbread Pizzas. However, usually a nice variety of our favorite finger foods does the trick. A mix of vegetables or fruits, nuts, some sort of delicious dip – usually hummus. We love all flavors and brands. Aldi’s make a great garlic hummus – H really enjoys one of those four packs, except the jalapeño section. And on super special days, we go for sweet hummus.

Whenever I am at a regular ((Non-Aldi)) grocery store, I always check for hummus deals, because the bigger stores usually have a greater variety of flavors. Last week I saw Cedar’s on sale 2/ $5, I obviously had to grab them. They make H’s all-time favorite flavor – Balsamic caramelized onion ((It is so good. Try it as a spread on a veggie wrap one day, yum!!)). With that, I grabbed my favorite dark chocolate hummus, and the hubs found Boars Head Pumpkin Pie hummus in his travels. We could have a hummus party with all the flavors that we have acquired. But it is truly such a versatile dip, and we do not let them go to waste around here.

Snack boards are great with a dip, but even better when you have multiple dips. I think this has been by far one of the tastiest Kids Charcutier boards ever

I try and give Hadley as many options as possible to help her choose healthy. Of course she loves the chocolate graham bunnies from Annie’s, and mini Oreos for dippers but she also loves fresh Apples and Pears. I added some Cashews from Grandy Oats – the Turmeric Ginger, ((my personal fave! They are amazing, a little spicy a little sweet. I chop them up to add to a variety of dishes, they also make a great salad topper)) and some Maple Roasted. I also added some Blue Diamond Chocolate Almonds, and a few strawberries.

What is even better than just making a delicious lunch, is when I come outside with it fully prepared, and shock the little with the amount of deliciousness that is in front of her. Dark Chocolate AND Pumpkin Pie for lunch, how could it not be a win!

A little Snack Throwback to a few weeks ago, same idea but a little sweet and a little savory.

Garlic hummus with cucumbers, green peppers, celery sticks, Harvest Snaps Caesar Snap Peas and, kalamata olives. A little Sweetness- dark chocolate hummus, apples some more Grandy Oats Turmeric Ginger Cashews and Annie’s Organic Bunny Grahams.

Either way you snack it; both healthy, delicious, nutritious and FUN lunches

Snack On!

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