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You're Going to Fall for this Flavor Profile

One of my favorite versatile ingredients is a flatbread. Aldi’s has a great garlic & herb Specially Selected brand; that is a perfect base for a personal pizza, or fresh pressed panini. I found these adorable mini Stonefire Naan that were about to expire for .99 cents at Stop and Shop. I scooped them right up, knowing they could hang out in the freezer until the very last moment.

That is another great thing about naan, if you know you are naan’t ((get it? Not funny, huh)) going to use it; store it in the freezer until you are ready to eat. Take out what you need, give it a quick broil to thaw, flip over, add your toppings, broil for another minute and you have a simple lunch or quick dinner.

H sometimes opts for a simple cheese but, today we went fancy.

H’s ((Larger Aldi flatbread)): Fig jam, sliced pears, mozzarella cheese and candied bacon ((She ended up having some balsamic glaze on the side. If you have never had this combination of flavors before, you are seriously missing out))

Mine ((Smaller Stonefire Ancient Grains)): Fig jam, sliced pears, mozzarella cheese, candied bacon, tons and tons and tons of goat cheese, arugula, and a drizzle of Balsamic glaze **chef’s kiss**

If you are getting your tiny humans to eat something new and different, opt for a sweet profile. Fig jam might sound new and scary; but it is nice and sweet, top with apples or pears, and a mild cheese like mozzarella. Something totally different than red sauce & cheese might be their new favorite go to!


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