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What's Poppin'

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

One of my favorite snacks is popcorn, and not the microwavable kind ((we haven't used a microwave in years- currently ours is used as a bread box))

The greatest thing about popping your own corn- is you can decide what kind of oil your using, as well as the amount of salt ((or sugar)) that is going into your snack.

I go through phases, but currently I’m stuck on my cocoa covered popcorn! Hadley is a salted vanilla or salt n’ vinegar gal. If she’s going Salt n’ Vinegar – I’ll use two pots. Make one, or both and let me know how you liked them!


· Corn Kernels – ¼ - ½ Cup for each bowl ((If you have leftover – great! Throw it in the kids lunchbox tomorrow for a snack – or for yourself 😉 ))

· Oil of choice – I like coconut oil (enough to coat the bottom of the pan when melted) with a tablespoon of butter

· Cocoa Powder – not coco powder – you want the good stuff. I use Anthoy’s Goods bought in bulk on amazon. You can smell the quality when opening the bag

· Coconut Sugar

· Cinnamon

· Vanilla Extract

· Salt – just a pinch

· Salt N’ Vinegar Seasoning

· Thyme

· Garlic Powder

· Onion Powder

· Black Pepper


· In two separate bowls or jars mix your spices – Equal parts cocoa powder to coconut sugar – then a sprinkle of salt and a good shake of cinnamon. I fill a mason jar, to have extra on hand // In the second - mix Salt N’ Vinegar seasoning, Thyme, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder & Black pepper. Again its okay to estimate here – and if you make extra – throw in a small jar and use it the next time you are making roasted or mashed potatoes!

· Heat a heavy bottom pan over med-high heat

· Add Oil & Butter to the pan ((This is where some people only add a few kernels into the pan, and wait for them to pop – not I))

· Once the Oil & Butter has melted, add vanilla extract to one, kernels to both and cover the pans

· Give the pans a good shimmy and shake while coating the kernels in oil ((Don’t walk away or it will in fact burn))

When it stops popping immediately take off the stove, and empty into a bowl – the faster you can do this process the better the seasonings will stick. You can also add melted butter, then the seasonings for an extra decedent treat – but just dusted on top is fine for me! Flip the bowl a few times, coating all the kernels in seasoning, add a little more seasoning to the top of each bowl and voila! You have a somewhat healthy, delicious, guilt-free treat!

I add the leftovers into ziplock bags and enjoy for at least the next 3-4 days without becoming stale!

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