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Not Yo Average Nachos!

What is your favorite – go- to lunch? My little’s favorite comfort food is Nachos, which make a perfect quick no mess lunch. Anytime we can use up leftovers in a new way is a total win. We really hit it out of the park with these scrumptious BBQ Pulled Pork Nachos.

I usually make my pulled pork with a fattier cut of meat; however, pork loin was on sale the other day. I shrubbed it up, seared it, and cooked it low and slow in the oven at 225 for about 6 hours. Then pulled the meat, popped it back into the oven and prepared the rest of my sides.

We definitely did not go traditional with these sides, H picked Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese ((Obviously shapes)). I also made roasted Cabbage and Mashed Butternut squash.

Roasted cabbage is so delicious, it really brings out the natural sweetness – which I then turned into roasted cabbage salad for a perfect side to Nacho BBQ Lunch.

Roasted Cabbage

1 Head of Cabbage Sliced into ¼“Steaks, drizzled with olive oil and the same shrub that went on the pork. ((When cooking; I like to mix my seasonings in a little bowl and then use them throughout the meal, on the meat, the veggie and even in a dressing if I am making one))

Roast at 425 for about 45 minutes until the edges get crispy!

Onto the Nachos! Line your sheet pan with foil for super easy cleanup! ((H really saved on the dishes, and ate her half right over the pan)) Get out your favorite chips. I chose two kinds from Aldi’s – Cauliflower Nacho ((For my side)) And regular tortilla rounds for H.

We kept it simple with Pork, Cheese, peppers, and a heaping pile of romaine for sharing. I Had mine with roasted cabbage salad (Lime juice, cayenne, paprika, garlic, salt, and cracked pepper). Cannot forget the Avocado! Save a dish and mash right in its skin!

Sometimes the simplest of meals, makes the most satisfying. This is so easy to change up, use chicken instead of pork- or omit the meat and add some black beans. What is your favorite way to eat Nachos?

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