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Sunday Brunchn' on a Tuesday

I have recently found out that the easiest way to please everyone on Sunday morning is with French Toast. Who Knew? It is so easy to switch up the flavors by using different loaves of bread. I love a good crumbly top loaf from #Aldi ((Apple Streusel, Cinnamon Swirl & Gingerbread have been a few of my faves!)) #Thomas’s swirl bread is also delightful when I can’t make an Aldi trip. My loves have been into the banana swirl, but I prefer good ol’ cinnamon raisin. I am fairly sure I have made more French Toast in the past six months, than I have since H has been born. Her new fave way to have her favorite breakfast? In Stick form. ((Yes, like elementary school days, but wayy better!))

I use a handy dandy pie pan, every time for my eggy mix, why? I have no idea, but it works.

French Toast Stix


2 eggs

1 Tbl Vanilla

¼ C Non Dairy Milk

Generous Sprinkle of Cinnamon

½ Tbl Coconut Sugar

2 Tbl Butter


Whisk ingredients ((except butter)) together

Cut your Choice of Bread into Sticks – I cut our pieces into thirds

Add one Tbl of butter to a hot nonstick pan,

Once hot add your French toast sticks

Using tongs or plastic spatula flip ((I like to griddle the edges too, but you don’t have to))

Serve with maple syrup or honey ((We use honey with the banana bread, sooo yum!))

Because I am extra, and difficult I usually make myself a Monte Cristo of sorts but with Sausage instead of Ham, and added onions. Yumm!

((Dipping the bagel in the eggy mix, and grilling with the remaining butter))

There have been a few variations of this, but my favorites have been:

French Toast Dipped – Dave’s Killer Bagel, Sausage, onion & Cheddar

Aldi’s Seeded Bread French Toast with Sausage, Onion & American

For the sausage I use Johnsonville Maple, remove the casings and squish two together. This last time, I even poked a hole in the middle for the bagel!

((Food Tip:: I like the taste of the sausage links, better than there sausage patties; but I actually like the patty shape better– I remove the casings, take two together and squish them. I do this to a whole pack of sausage, then place on parchment paper to freeze individually. Once frozen I take out and add to a bag. It is easier to grab a single sausage for an egg sandwich when it is pressed out like this. Also these patties are flatter and better for egg sandwiches than the ones I have found in the grocery store))

What is your go to Weekend Brunch?!

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