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Toasted Two Ways

Avocado toast is one of those trendy delicious foods that you see everywhere. You either love it or you hate it, usually a little overpriced for some mashed fat on a piece of bread. But it is quite delicious. ((We like to play the “How much do you think this meal would be at a fancy restaurant” game – Because I like all the additional toppings, and add-ons, it quickly becomes a $15 snack))

((But seriously - shop and support small businesses when you can! We do still eat out at our favorite local places - and I usually have some custom note onto my order - but we also always tip very well - when you have been in the service industry for over half your life you totally get it))

That is one of the main reasons I LOVE to cook. I enjoy combining different tastes and textures into a meal that I have never had before.

The perfect base ((in my opinion)) is a hearty oat bread, broiled a little extra on one side ((whichever side I burn – because lets face it; broiling bread, I have a 50-50 shot of completely blackening it)), a whole grain English muffin – those nooks and crannies do a great job holding up to my excessive topping style. Or a hollowed out Everything Bagel to hold all that goodness. Best eaten with a fork and knife.

You Must season you Avocado properly first or else it is bland and tasteless - This Trader Joe's Vegan Chicken-less Sea Salt is great and does the trick, all you need to add is a little ground pepper

My absolute favorite – go - to toppings include:

  • Tomatoes – If I am going to have Avocado toast, this is an absolute must. I love the sweet with the creamy. They are the perfect pair

  • Balsamic glaze – Trader Joes, has the best- bang for your buck – bottle. I stock up on this every time I get the chance to visit. ((You can always make your own, but then your house must smell like vinegar, and everyone gets mad at you for a day until the smell to subsides. Just find a TJ’s and stock up, you will not be sorry!))

  • Everything Bagel Seasoning – Trader Joe’s, Aldi and Job Lot have a super affordable jar for under $2

  • Sriracha – or Crushed Red Pepper – I like a little heat but not too much. If I am having an egg I like to add Sriracha, if there is no egg, I go Crushed Red Pepper (( This is why I do not eat out at restaurants – that and Covid))

  • Egg – Hard Boiled with no yolk or Over Easy – Skip the egg any time during the summer, I tend not to eat them in the warmer months ((Unless it is on an egg sandwich- I am such a Pain in the Ass 😉 ))

  • Sprouts – These are a treat. Any time I see them in the Misfits Market Place I select them as an add on. ((Use code COOKWME-HM7AJW for a discount on your first subscription box!))

  • Onions – Or Scallions, because they are delicious, and I include onions in basically every dish

  • Goat Cheese - I try and remember to grab this when I am at Aldi - they obviously have the best price and it taste delicious. I Love Goat Cheese, and if I am using it, I am fully committed to using a Sh*t ton ((the only way to describe the amount that should be on top of Avocado Toast))

Now, for my other way to toast it – for those days when you woke up thinking about mashing that avocado only to realize it still has not ripened – or you missed that perfectly ripened day by fifteen seconds and now you have an unusable Avo.

Hummus Toast – or English Muffin

I wrote a post about hummus for our Snack Boards, and as I said- so very versatile. I happened to be by that same market and stopped in where our favorite flavor resides – still on sale I grabbed another. Balsamic Caramelized Onion Hommus by Cedar’s is the perfect base for this toast.

All the same toppings apply to hummus toast, but also can include a variety of shaved or finely chopped veggies like Carrots, Bell Peppers, and Cucumbers. If you have any leftover Rotisserie chicken, that goes great here too! ((Like Below))

I love a slow morning, when the kid sleeps in, the dog is content after her walk, and I can have some toast to myself. Or I wait until the kid made her trek to her classroom ((down the hall)) and I can sit in silence and enjoy some fork – and – knife toast.

I hope you get a pinch of quite to enjoy all the ways to toast it

((Fun party idea, Avocado / Hummus Toast Bar - little baguettes with all the toppings available))

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